Saturday, November 26, 2011

NBA Lockout To End

With the lockout ending, the world can now become a better place.  Barber shops all across the country will be crazy with all the debates that come with an NBA season.  ESPN's Sports Center will have nothing but high flying dunks for all of us to rave about.  And most importantly, 2 of the best in the media game, Skip Bayless & Steven A. Smith will enlighten us with their interesting banter on the top players and teams in the league all season long as they debate on ESPN's First Take.

As for the season itself, there is plenty to look forward to on the court.  Kobe Bryant starts this Lakers season without "The Great" Phil Jackson.  How will coach Mike Brown get Kobe to buy-in his system?  Kobe Bryant won 5 championships, Mike Brown has none as a head coach.

Will the Miami Heat take a step forward or a step back?  Is LeBron OK with being number 2 on his team when he is arguably the biggest star in the NBA?  Can D-Wade set the tone early to get his team focused?  Will Chris Bosh play in the post this season?

Can Dallas repeat or was their championship run a fluke?  Do the Celtics have 1 more run left in them?  Can OKC take that next step with Russell Wesbrook running the offense?  Will Blake Griffin lead the Clippers to the playoffs?  Will we see Chris Paul get traded to the Knicks to form the next "Big 3"?

A lot of these questions and plenty more will be answered and it will all begin Christmas Day with a tripple header. Now we have less than a month to get watch who goes where in free agency so we can start making predictions on who will be favorites to win the title once the season starts. The NBA is back.  Now that's what I call a Christmas present.

Haz Bey