Saturday, December 10, 2011

David Stern says "No, No, No"... When it's really like "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah"

Never in NBA history has anything like this has happened.  For of a matter of fact, maybe never in American pro sports.  The New Orleans Hornets traded All-Star point guard Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers as part of a 3-team trade that included the Houston Rockets acquiring All-Star forward/center Pau Gasol.  In return the Hornets received Sixth Man of the Year award winner and 2-time NBA champion Lamar Odom, Louis Scola who last year averaged 18 ppg and 8 rpg, Kevin Martin who last year averaged 23.5 ppg, Goran Dragic who dropped 23 points in the 4th quarter of a playoff game against the San Antonio Spurs & a 2012 1st round draft pick.  At first glance all parties involved seemed to be making out just fine with what they got in return, especially the Hornets, but enter "The Haters".  These "Haters" are led by disgruntled Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and longtime Laker hater Mavs owner Mark Cuban.  Both owners were 2 of the 5 owners that voted against the new CBA and were very passionate about their disliking of the Lakers acquiring another potential Hall of Famer.  Sad thing is their comments didn't fall on def ears.  David Stern heard all of it and right before Chris Paul was ready to pack his things to go to Hollywood, David Stern vetoed the trade. 

The Haters
David Stern did not want the backlash of the owners that did not want to sign the new CBA, but what's crazy is the fact that he didn't foresee the backlash of the players, other league executives, the fans & the media.  The man has tarnished his legacy by caving in to owners that would love to have a player like Chris Paul on their team.  Dan Gilbert lost LeBron James because he could not get another star player to help carry some of the load with him.  The Cavs made plenty of moves, but never the right move.  Dan Gilbert has been whining ever since.  Complaining that small market teams need more of a chance to keep their superstars.  What Dan doesn't realize that most superstars want a chance to win a title.  Superstars know that they are going to get paid, so the key is finding the best opportunity to win a ring.  Mark Cuban owns the defending champion Mavericks who finally slayed the dragon known as the Lakers by sweeping them in the 2nd round of the playoffs.  So the last thing he wants to see is the Lakers gearing up for another run.  And let's not forget that Mark Cuban has been trying to get Chris Paul for years so don't buy in to his hype like David Stern did.

Stern gives in to disguntled owners demands
After vetoing the trade for "basketball reasons", David Stern has given the league owned New Orleans Hornets permission to seek all trade options as long as they receive youth and draft picks.  So obviously talent for talent is out the question, but by forcing his "Sterned Hand" the only location for Chris Paul to go is Los Angeles.  If the league approves the move to another team, than it will look like Stern placed Chris Paul there.  After the Tim Donaghy incident the last thing Stern wants is bad publicity on league placing superstars where ever the league wants them to go.  And keep in mind that the NBPA has told David Stern and the league that they will not pursue legal action in favor of Chris Paul until Monday to see if an acceptable trade for all parties involved is approved.  So we will see how this story plays out very soon.

Haz Bey

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