Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LA's New Dynamic Duo

Blog by Haz Bey
It's a done deal, finally.  The Clippers have landed top point guard Chris Paul to go along side NBA Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin.  The on-going saga came to an end and Chris Paul finally made it out of his New Orleans imprisonment enforced by the league.  The Hornets get Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman, Al-Farouq Aminu & the Timberwolves 2012 1st round pick in return for the Chris Paul's services.  The Clippers' brain-trust wanted to pair up Chris Paul and Blake Griffin to form one of the most devastating tandems the league has ever seem.  Imagine those two running the pick-and-roll all game long.  It would be like Stockton to Malone on steroids.  By joining the Clippers Chris Paul revoked his player option of his contract until the summer of 2013 which gives the Clippers 2 years to prove to him that they will be a championship contender for years to come.  The first huge piece has fallen this season, now lets see where Dwight Howard and Deron Williams will be come the trade deadline set for March 15th.

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